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Starbucks cups: from Ellie to Eli in 5 seconds

Having your coffee cup personalised with your name is a nice thought, but Starbucks has become renowned for writing our names incorrectly on coffee cups. While it does put a smile on customers faces, as well as all their Instagram followers when the mistake is swiftly uploaded onto the story feature- I wanted to know just how wrong the coffee house has gotten names wrong, as well as Starbuck’s side of the story.


Why A Latte Is Better Than A Cappuccino

If you’re like me, a person who enjoys the aromatic smell of coffee in the morning, but not the sometimes bitter, but mostly sour taste of coffee, then you have definitely tried either a cappuccino or a latte. These two brews are definitely at the top of the list of coffee drinks which don’t have the strong taste of coffee. With somewhat similar methods in making, there is still a clear distinction in the tastes.

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