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Starbucks cups: from Ellie to Eli in 5 seconds

Having your coffee cup personalised with your name is a nice thought, but Starbucks has become renowned for writing our names incorrectly on coffee cups. While it does put a smile on customers faces, as well as all their Instagram followers when the mistake is swiftly uploaded onto the story feature- I wanted to know just how wrong the coffee house has gotten names wrong, as well as Starbuck’s side of the story.

Blåbär Nordic Living: review


In a city dominated by chain coffee shops, for an independent one to survive, it has to be different and unique. Blåbär has certainly reached these requirements by bringing in not just coffee, but a whole lifestyle shop squeezed into a small converted house in the heart of Putney.

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London Coffee Shop Tour

Around 95 million cups of coffee are consumed every day here in the UK and with coffee culture reaching dizzy new heights, independent coffee houses are slowly carving out their corner in a market oversaturated with national and international chains.

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The impact of coffee on your health

It always has been a debate whether coffee is bad for you or not. Don’t worry coffee lovers because recent studies showed that coffee can have a positive impact on your health. The World Health Organization first announced that coffee might be carcinogenic, a hypothesis which they turned down in 2016.

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More than just your morning coffee: the coffee mornings to prepare for this year

Ever wondered how your morning coffee can make an even bigger difference than turning you from a walking zombie to a reasonable human being each morning? Then put these dates down in your diary.

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