Who has the Best Flat White?

Craving a Flat White and not knowing which coffee giant to get it from? Ever wondered who has the best flat white between Caffè Nero, Costa or Starbucks?  Watch to find out. (Music Credits goes to BTS)


One thought on “Who has the Best Flat White?”

  1. Hi,

    I was surprised that you didn’t go to Pret as everybody is so crazy about Pret. From the outside Pret looks and tastes good, the best PR in place.

    But from behind the scenes it looks very different. I survived Pret where the work culture is not only high stress, but bullying their staff.

    Please, if my link here is not appropriate, could you just delete my whole comment instead of censoring or deleting out the link like some people do. I rather have my whole comment not approved or deleted than censored and edited.

    Pret staff suffer, even to the point of suicide. Believe me


    Thanks for reading.



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