Blåbär Nordic Living: review


In a city dominated by chain coffee shops, for an independent one to survive, it has to be different and unique. Blåbär has certainly reached these requirements by bringing in not just coffee, but a whole lifestyle shop squeezed into a small converted house in the heart of Putney.


A rustic setting in a metropolis.



Just off of the main high street, this cozy coffee shop is ideally located on a quiet street with tables and chairs spilling out onto the pavement- perfect for a sunny day. It’s Swedish interior creates a feel of a cabin in the middle of the woods; with candles lit, reindeer heads on the walls and sheep skin blankets scattered on chairs. Every inch of the interior is from Nordic brands/designers or vintage to create that true Swedish feel. With everything available to buy, it’s hard not to walk out with a small purchase.

An empty table surrounded by quaint decorations.


Blåbär explains it’s mission to encourage people to ‘live a life more Nordic’. In their words, they want their customers to live a balanced life where quality is the main focus. This explains the intimate, yet contemporary space created by the owner Oliver. With the cafe previously being a house it gives of an effortless home feel, with sofas for seats and wooden tables not unlike one’s you’d expect to find in your own kitchen at home. Neutral colours surround the place and the idea of a simple life is certainly reflected in the products available to buy (see picture below). Although, due to the small size, it’s hard not to hear other people’s conversations about their latest relationship drama. All in all however,  it’s an idyllic place to have a fika (a Swedish phrase meaning to have a coffee often accompanied by something sweet.)

A small selection of the products available to buy.


The coffee menu is kept simple with the selection catering for anyone’s basic coffee needs. It intentionally leaves out the hipster matcha and rose latte’s often seen dominating our Instagram feeds. Alternative milk to dairy is readily available at a small increase in cost, and a selection of cold drinks and tea is also present. My choice of a soya flat white is everything you could ask for in a coffee. The slight bitterness and strength of the coffee beans balances perfectly with the foam from the milk which is handcrafted into a leaf shape making for a £3.00 well spent. Small bites to eat and sweet treats are also available.

Blåbär’s soya flat white.


Like in many coffee places, you go to the bar to order and pay, but they do bring you your drinks to the table. The staff are friendly and quick with service, however a little more pace when table clearing wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Perfect for:

A quiet place to study or read a book, or even a quiet catch up with a few friends.






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