The impact of coffee on your health

It always has been a debate whether coffee is bad for you or not. Don’t worry coffee lovers because recent studies showed that coffee can have a positive impact on your health. The World Health Organization first announced that coffee might be carcinogenic, a hypothesis which they turned down in 2016.


An article published by the magazine ‘Prevention’ listed potential facts that might prevent future diseases. First of all, it appears that that antioxidants in coffee may help lower your risk of having certain types of cancers, research from BMJ has shown.

Also, it seems that coffee could prevent type 2 diabetes. A study from Harvard University explained that coffee contains chromium which helps regulate your blood sugar via a hormone called insulin.

People with heart diseases can still drink coffee! In fact, despite doctors advising patients to avoid caffeine if you have cardiac issues, a new study on a new meta-analysis published in April 2018, shows differently. It states that coffee could protect your ticker and regulate your cardiac rhythm.

Finally, it turns out that coffee could prevent dementia and Alzheimers. This study shows that the high percentage of caffeine could lower your risk of dementia and that people with lower caffeine levels can develop this disease.

Coffee is more likely to improve your health than deteriorate it. Those recent studies are the proof that coffee isn’t damageable to your health.


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