Why independent coffee places are better than chains

While drinking a hot tasteful coffee, you might prefer sitting in an original coffee shop rather than an overfilled place where you don’t even have time to relax.

Starbucks, Costa and other chains are more rush places where you often buy an overpriced coffee on your way to work. No originality, no particular ambience, however, chains could be characterized as the bakery of coffee.

Firstly, independent coffee shops are way cosier. There is rarely an on-the-go coffee cardboard cup for your beverage. With a foamy and creamy coffee, it is certainly more enjoyable in a big cup. Often decorated with an original design on the top, the art of coffee is celebrated and the pleasure of drinking it is much more appreciated.

Independent coffee places also offer a unique experience of different original coffee tastes. Their menu sometimes presents coffee that you won’t get anywhere else. Also, some of them follow the tradition of the famously known Turkish coffee that you wouldn’t get in a chain place.

Independent coffee house, Kahaila on Brick Lane – see our review.

Coffee needs the time to be appreciated and independent shops do just that. A friendly staff that doesn’t rush you and suggest what you would like, testifies the authenticity of those places. Sharing the love of coffee can be felt and that’s why I’m always discovering new places where I too can drink my lattes. ‘Notes’ which is in Covent Garden is one of my favourites. The rustic decoration that reflects the beautiful scenery of this area always draws me back there.

Chain places, in my opinion, are simply money factories. The pleasure for coffee culture isn’t felt and the constant rush makes those places quite unfriendly. The coffee giant Starbucks is one of the most outrageous of them all. Incredibly high prices, bad coffee quality and on top of that, they always spell your name wrong. This outdated chain still has a lot of followers despite the constant bad critiques. This might be due to the ‘Americanisation’ that started in the 20th century and still has a lot of influence around the world today.

Waiting in a Starbucks resembles a waiting line for a concert.

Coffee always had an important cultural influence and continues even now in contemporary times. It took a big turn internationally with everyone drinking or reinventing it, making it more and more original and therefore, multiplying the numbers of independent coffee shops. Also, as a student, I’m more than obliged to find places that make good coffee and where I can have a great time while studying or writing.

The smell of coffee is undeniably something important while I’m studying or finding inspiration, and that’s why choosing an independent coffee place is way better than a chain place without charm or good coffee.


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